Monday, October 17, 2011

My First DC VegFest!!

I am going to tell this story in pictures and words, but mostly pictures.  I had the best time ever at the DC VegFest this year.  In November, I will be nearly 2 years vegetarian and officially 1 year vegan.  I am so happy with my lifestyle and this wonderful compassionate choice that I have committed to.  My Hubby is omni and though he is supportive, he is equally as committed to his eating habits.  (I'm working on him). 
Well this year I found out about DC VegFest from a tweet by Terry Hope Romero and I was so happy that she sent it out.  I don't think I would have known otherwise.  I loaded up the car for our 3 hour drive and I took  my daughter, her best friend, my niece, my best guy friend and my brother met us there.  My husband couldn't go since he had to work.  When I say great time, I really mean it.  It was so encouraging and uplifting to be surrounded by people who shared my views and thoughts on how to change the world!  The vendors were great and the speakers were AWESOME!! I got to meet and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Isa Chandra Moskowitz!!!!!!!  They were so informative and very approachable and even took pictures with me! 

The goodie bag tatoos modeled by my girls.

All in all DC VegFest was a validation for our lifestyle like no other and really helped even the veggie-curious take that leap.  Outside of my daughter and best friend getting to participate in the Sticky Fingers Bakery Cupcake Eating Contest, the very best thing that happened at the festival was that my beautiful daughter finally took her final leap into vegetarianism and I couldn't be prouder of her for making such a compassionate decision.  I feel so blessed and excited and I am going to be bending over backwards to keep her tummy full and her spirit encouraged.

Can you say Cupcake Eating Contest?  Oh yeah, this was certainly a highlight for the girls.  They had so much fun competing and really, who wouldn't?
Doron posing with my niece, daughter and her best friend.

Spectacular sweets from Vegan Treats. 
So so so so good!!

This is the ASL team that provided translation for the hearing imparired for all of the tent events.  They worked so tirelessly and were amazing, I asked them for a pic because they truly deserved to be celebrated.

Isa's demonstration complete with sample
A picture with Collen Patrick-Goudreau.
She was so freakin' cool.

The fact that I got to meet Isa was like
icing on a cupcake.  She was great!!!

As I said, I got to meet SUCH wonderful vegan superstars at this festival.   I had a great time with my family, my daughter's friend and my best friend, Dameon.

The last shot of my daughter is because she was bummed that she didn't get to take a picture with Isa, so I took one of her with Isa in the background and that seemed to satisfy her. She's pictured in her Sticky Fingers T-Shirt (earned for participating in the contest, as if she needed more of a reward than the cupcakes themselves.) This was such a great experience, I hope everyone gets to visit a festival near them. Thanks to all the people that made this day possible.


panda with cookie said...

Huzzah for veg fest!

celyn said...

This looks so fun! I heard Colleen Patrick-Goudreau speak at VVC, and she was so inspiring!

Nicole said...

It was my first time going to the DC VegFest also and I had such a great time! I think it is awesome that your daughter has decided to become a vegetarian!

Farrah P said...

I was there too! I think you were in front of me in the book signing line for Colleen. That was our first Veg fest and we had a BLAST! Can't wait to go back next year.
I have some photos in my blog

Emily said...

Veg fest love!
I so want to participate in a vegan cupcake eating contest someday. I would own that competition!

Monique Koch said...

Yeah for Vegfest! It was such a great day. :-)
I was disappointed about not getting anything from Vegan Treats-they sold out so quickly. lol